Precision Sign Company

Channel Letters

Channel letters are custom-made, acrylic-faced lettering, used on the exterior of buildings. At Precision Sign Company, we manufacture three different types of channel letters: Standard, Exposed, and Reverse Lit.

Standard Channel Letters

Standard channel letters are the most common type of signage that we produce. Made from aluminum returns, our channel letters do not rust, maintaining that "new look" for years to come. A translucent plastic face is bordered by a trim cap face giving a finished appearance. Standard channel letters can be illuminated using either neon gas tubes, or light-emitting diode (LED) modules. View our comparison of the benefits of LED vs. Neon illumination.

Exposed Channel Letters

Exposed channel letters are very similar to standard channel letters, however, the acrylic face is clear, exposing the neon for direct viewing, creating a classic vintage styling.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse lit channel letters, also known as halo lettering, are created using an aluminum face in favor of a standard acrylic face. This type of manufacturing directs the light towards the back of the lettering, flooding the mounting wall with light, creating a negative space at night.